The Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Affairs is living to its expectations of ensuring a cleaner and sustained Eswatini environment through a number of initiatives with one of them being the recently launched German funded project which will see seven constituencies from the Lubombo and Shiselweni regions getting environmental assistance. Some of the constituencies that will benefit from the ACAT Climate Resilience Project include Hosea,
Shiselweni I and Zombodze-Emuva to mention only but a few. The project will be worth over E9.1 million and will last for three consecutive years. Minister of Tourism Moses Vilakati said the project is relevant, well aligned and will build on existing country initiatives aimed at dealing with pertinent environmental issues that contribute
to environmental protection while fostering sustainable economic growth, for improved livelihoods. “The ACAT project that has brought all of us here came at a time when the country needs it the most and I sincerely thank ACAT for working hard to support government’s mandate,” he said. The minister said that the ACAT project will play a major role in complimenting government’s efforts by mobilising communities and individuals to tap into environmental finance under the fund and will also greatly contribute to the attainment of the main objective of the National Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan (NCCSAP) which is to build a low carbon, climate resilient nation while addressing other pressing challenges like eradication of poverty. “The three years’ lifetime of this project, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) together with a German foundation known as Kindernothilfe (KNH) should leave the country better than its current state,” said Vilakati.
Vilakati then pledged government’s support during the course of the project. He said the ministry’s doors will
always be open to assist where necessary all for the benefit of the people of the Kingdom. He concluded by requesting all the beneficiaries of the project to appreciate the initiative, receive it with both hands and work together with ACAT, playing their role in order to ensure a smooth implementation of the project. “Let us all join hands, as a nation, work together to make Eswatini a climate resilient country,” said the minister.

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