On Time Investments is a company which focuses mostly on the Marketing Department. This company is trying to reach almost everyone in the country through advertising. As a company we use different advertising platforms e.g Yemaswati Channel, Voice of the Nation (V.O.C), Swaziland Broadcasting Information Service 1 (SBIS), Newspaper and many other platforms.

1. Yemaswati Channel

On Channel Yemaswati we have 10 minutes talk show every Thursday at 20:15 p.m on People and Places Program which is repeated every Saturday at 09:15 a.m. Moreover, we also have our adverts which are running everyday on Yemaswati Channel.

2. Voice of the Nation

On V.O.C we conduct a 10 minutes talk show at 07:00 a.m every Wednesday. We also have our adverts running over there promoting our products and the company as a whole.

3. EBIS 1

From EBIS we usually have our adverts running there.

4. Newspaper

As a company we use On Time Business Network Newspaper,  Global Business Directory, Times of Swaziland as well as the Swazi Observer to advertise our products and services on a regular basis.


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