Head of the Delegation-Bureau of the Chairperson, Her Excellency Ambassador Rosette Nyirikindi Katungye


The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Technical Evaluation Team has promised to capture the evaluation process as fair as possible. This was said by Head of the Delegation-Bureau of the Chairperson, Her Excellency Ambassador Rosette Nyirikindi Katungye during the team’s Welcoming Cocktail held at Royal Villas. Eswatini has submitted a bid to host the Secretariat of the AfCFTA and has joined six other Member State countries in the competition. The technical team visited the country to validate the information and assurances contained in Eswatini’s Bid, and will form its own view, prior to making recommendations to the Executive Council of the AU. A decision on the hosting of the Secretariat will then be made in July 2019. The cocktail was also a reaffirmation that Eswatini is true and faithful in her interest to be considered in the important bid for the continent. ”I am sure that you will get all the necessary information and supporting documents that will help you to make a fair, transparent and evidence-based evaluation, from our National Steering Committee,“ said the Minister of Commerce Industry and Trade Mancoba Khumalo. Addressing the team Khumalo said that the evaluation exercise will require
that they visit some sites and sample very few areas of attraction, which he believes will whet them with appetite to plan and visit Eswatini again in the near future, for leisure and play. Hosting the Secretariat would display the prominent role being played by Eswatini in greater international integration and collaboration across the continent. It could also raise the Kingdom’s profile and bring many new official and other visitors to the country. That, in itself, would not only boost Eswatini’s reputation as a key team player in the AU, but would also expose the merits of Eswatini as a destination for foreign direct investment. Such benefits as well as those from the
single market itself would dwarf the cost of providing the office and the requisite residential accommodation
that has been promised in the Bid. Moreover, serving Africa in a manner that is also serving Emaswati has to be one of the most obvious win-wins of recent

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