Jumbo J Motivational Company’s Justice Khumalo


With 2019 already on the countdown, one of the kingdom’s motivational companies, Jumbo J, has a few tips that will guide our readers towards their desired goals. Jumbo J is a motivational company which was launched on 12 December last year, and it is owned by a young Liswati, who developed the passion for public speaking at a very young age. In his own words, Justice Khumalo said the greatest enemy of business start-ups was not the unavailability of capital, nor lack of opportunities, but ‘inertia’, which is the state of being still and not taking the first
initiative. “Everything worth starting is worth starting badly. Aspiring entrepreneurs must not wait for all conditions to be conducive,” said Khumalo. The enthusiastic motivational speaker and businessman said business
success required a calculated element of ‘insanity’, which he said was the trait of boldly starting something even if one doubted its success. He said what would matter in 2019 would be the first initiatives everyone took.
Giving his 2019 business tips, Khumalo said one needed to focus on talent, which meant aligning one’s staff with the tasks they enjoyed doing because there was a gem that lay with such a tactic. He said if one is self-employed or hands-on in the running of the business’ day-to-day activities, they should try to delegate their weakness and capitalise on their strengths. Another business success tip he gave was that entrepreneurs needed to revitalise their business models. He said employees must not suffer from boardroom fatigue in 2019. Reshuffling daily routines to bring back the spark is key to thrilling customers or clients and keeping one’s internal stakeholders happy at all times. Khumalo then urged entrepreneurs to have up-to-date data, which is key in equipping oneself and staff with resourceful information which they needed in the execution of duties and upscale productivity in business. “Making money through the side door is one very crucial aspect most people in business or in any profession overlook. It is very important to select your key product you can sell alongside your major products to boost your petty cash in 2019,” said Khumalo.

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