Royal Science and Technology Park Senior Communications Officer Senzo Malaza


The Royal Science and Technology Park aims to ensure that culture develops side-by-side with technological advancements. It is believed that a balance between culture and technology would help the country’s economic
development through proper utilisation of the Bio-Technology Park housed in the Royal Science and Technology Park.
Senior Communications Officer at RSTP Senzo Malaza said the Marula festival is relevant to RSTP because the Bio-Technology Park encourages that there should be more research which would help the country to commercialise its
indigenous knowledge, including the brewing of the Marula brew and other products that are produced using Marula fruits. Malaza said with the current bi-products derived from the Marula fruits, the country could produce more high quality products using technology. He said if research and other technological ways could be implemented, the country could find itself producing more for the local market and exporting a lot to the international markets such as the European Union (EU). He said this could boost the local economy in the long run. “With research, we can
be able to easily unpack all the nitty gritties of how we are making some of the products to international tourists, while promoting and placing the country on the global map in terms of tourist attraction,’’ said Malaza.
He added that the research that needed to be done would help the country in testing the products if they were really market-ready and how they should be packaged to meet international standards. He said research could give local companies the confidence they needed in marketing their products to international markets and the Eswatini Standards Authority could play a very vital role in ensuring that international standards were met. “We can even
get international certification that would show that we are not only penetrating the local market or the
regional markets, but we sell in international markets such as the EU and many others,’’ he said. He said countries like Singapore did not have mineral resources, but through effective technology they were world economic leaders. Malaza said as a country Eswatini needed to move in that direction.

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