PIGG’S PEAK-A customer had the good fortune of winning a 5 000 litre water tank during the official launch of Bright & Brighter Hardware on Saturday. Almost two years ago, the hardware store opened its doors at Msumpe in Pigg’s Peak and the support shown by the local community has been overwhelming. The CEO Banele Mhlanga explained that the company acknowledged that it has a mandate to give back to the community and as such,
decided to host the launch. The event also featured an entertaining lineup which included a showcase of Dulux and Bible Society products as well as entertainment rendered by Shongwe and Khuphuka Saved group and other Gospel music
artists. Mhlanga thanked the community for its continued support. “The support we have received has been absolutely amazing and at any rate, we seeing ourselves growing and expanding to include more branches in the future,” he added. Other speakers included Bishop Elias Shongwe who spoke of how they pride themselves in seeing young people venturing into businesses. He said, “Youth participation can drive the country towards attaining vision 2022, and one can never be a billionaire with a salary but when you own your own company.” He further stated that artists love to partner with local business people on such initiatives as it avails the opportunity to get closer to the people who have been supporting them for over 20 years.


Mpendulo Maseko (Bible Society)
“As an organisation we are open for opportunities that allow us to get closer to where the public is. This allows us to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I can tell you honestly that this platform has been effective. Since I got here, I have sold nine Siswati Bibles. This is a clear indication that we must partner often with local businesses and also, do more community visits than wait for people to come to our respective offices.”

Nonhlanhla Ngcamphalala (Dulux “Let’s Colour”) “Dulux Paint sees the need to visit the different communities where our customers live and show them our products and we are looking to open more branches all and we
hope that soon, we would have opened one around this area or Piggs Peak.”

Pastory Henry Dlamini (Konkhe Kungaye Grinding Meal) “We are a small company that packs and
produces mealie meal for the local community and the surrounding areas including Mbhasheni, Mhlangatane, Sihhonye and Nyakatfo. We support local farmers who are our main suppliers beside that we also have a farm but in terms of shortages, we extend to National Maize Corporation (NMC) for the supply of maize. What keeps the business going more than anything is that for us it is not about making profit but we pride ourselves in that we can help our
own community. There are times where you find that we buy a bag of maize for E 60 to sell at E 70 because at that particular time we couldn’t get the service from our own farmers. I am a Pastor and therefore, I’m bound by my calling not to only look at the welfare of the inner person but also other areas. We have certain individuals that
we take care of and even supply without expecting anything in return.”

Vukuzenzele Store Make Tfwala (Vukuzenzele Store) “If I look back to when we started, I would say it has not been easy but we have strived and persevered. Although we do face challenges of customer preferences with people opting to go to the city centre for wholesale prizes compared to us.”

Make Tsela (businesswoman) “We are here to promote our services. We provide catering services but other than that, we also have a place where we provide vet services for animals. We also sell fertilizer and provide DSTV and mobile money services to the community.”

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