Eswatini Electricity Company (EEC) Board Chairman Sthofeni Ginindza


MBABANE– The Eswatini Electricity Company (EEC) invests over E1 million of its profits into its Corporate Social Investments (CSI) programme. The Board Chairman Sthofeni Ginindza stated during a recent press
briefing at the company’s headquarters that the company has a high regard for socio-economic development and that is why the company is committed towards making huge investments in that area. He further revealed that the company had made a profit of SZL532 million during this financial year which ended on March 2018. “Corporate Social Responsibility has always been a part of EEC and this aims to achieve high levels of sustainability. There is an old saying that ‘it is the thought that counts’. In the end the most important thing will not be how much our company has invested back into society, but the selfless and willing spirit of giving that will echo above all else,” he said. Since 2010, EEC has pumped over SZL20 million back to society. A significant portion of the company’s corporate social investment budget has benefited thousands of new EEC customers. “Our company prides itself on having contributed over SZL1 million in subsidizing new connections,” he added. He also noted that the company’s CSI investment is channeled towards addressing specific needs that are in line with its policy. According to the chairman, assistance has also been given to a variety of school-based education projects, early childhood development, rural school refurbishment, support to tertiary institutions and other priority areas in education in line with national priorities. Other assistance that the company provides is in the health sector by supporting HIV/AIDS initiatives, children’s homes, hunger and disaster relief and no-profit organizations that serve vulnerable groups. “EEC also support initiatives aimed at enhancing the sustainability of the environment we live in as well as development projects. We also support a variety of skills development and enterprise development projects,” he revealed. Some of the beneficiaries of EEC’s CSI programs include the University of Eswatini Foundation, Ekwetsembeni Special school, Junior Achievement Swaziland, Good Shepard Hospital, Hope House,
Mbabane-Mbuluzi Rotary Club and Esicojeni Foundation to mention only but a few.

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