ENTREPRENEUR OF THE WEEK – Sabie Nxumalo UNEZ Company  owner

ENTREPRENEUR OF THE WEEK – Sabie Nxumalo UNEZ Company owner

Can you tell us a b o u t yourself?
Sabie Nxumalo is a woman of Destiny, who hails from Mankayane in the Manzini Region. Born in a Family of five siblings and raised by a single Mother (a Tailor), who planted the business seed on her children’s minds. I completed my High school education at Cana High School, currently called Ngcoseni High and did Business Management
and Administration at MANCOSA. I have worked for Swaziland Investments Promotion Authority (SIPA) for five years, where I discovered my potential to venture into the business world.

Brief profile of your business
UNEZ is a company that provides Health products. We are raising an awareness on the dangers of the harmful (non-ionized) radiation that our bodies omit from cellphones, microwave ovens, televisions and computers. We provide a SARSHIELD Anti-radiation chip that absorbs and protects our bodies from omitting the radiation. SARSHIELD is a lifetime protection made from the minerals that fights radiation, it is NOT made o f a cotton fiber that is soaked in the
minerals like other Anti-radiation products that expire after 3 years. UNEZ also distributes Kay T’s Beverages
(organic drinks) known as ‘Kombucha’. These are 100% refreshing natural soft drinks made from a natural
process of fermentation of Green Tea and Moringa leaves. These are full of vitality and goodness that significantly improves general well-being. They’re also known to have a balancing effect on the body (liver and the pH level of blood).

Not everyone ventures into business, does your going into business have anything to do with your background?
Yes, since I was inspired by my mom, I have noticed that I have also became a role model to my siblings
because my younger Brother has ventured into a motoring business and he’s prosperous. What inspired you to choose your line of duty I was raised by a Single Parent (my Mum) and I learnt from her that there is life in business. Although there are some challenges that come with that but still there is more to learn in a business environment other than when you are employed.

Any role models or individuals you look up to?
It will be lame if me not to mention my mother one of top role model. You know I always look up to her for guidance, but I also have The Lubombo Regional Administrator, Make Sylvia Mthethwa as my role model. She has been my mentor since I knew her from SIPA where was our Board Member. I would really like to grow and be at her level
in the field and join some of the great women who are conquering the world through business.

We have come to understand that running a business is not a bed of roses, what sort of challenges have you encountered?
As a young entrepreneur I have encountered a lot of challenges more especially in terms of capital to run the business. I tried to source financial assistance from different financial institution and I won’t lie it was really stressful! I then got to a point whereby I started to look for business partners and with that too came another setback; I was betrayed and I decided to be independent.

How did you overcome those challenges?
Overcoming challenges in a business is not always easy because it needs a creative approach. What helped the most in overcoming my financial challenges was getting a deal with Swaziland Finance Corporation known as FINCORP where
I was able to get the financial assistance I needed. That assistance from FINCORP gave head-start to my business and I was able to run my businesses efficiently.

What are some of your company’s major projects?
I pride myself to have done business with Eswatini’s armed forces such as Umbutfo Eswatini Defence Force whereby I have supplied them with my products. I also supply to His Majesty’s Correctional Services and the reception of my products has been very overwhelming.

What are your Future plans or aspirations?
I want to open my own shop and have branches in all the towns in Eswatini, since currently u am trading as a peddler. Also would like to protect every cellphone in the SADC Region by 2020. I will have Shops in all the cities and towns in the country, soon, in order to reach out to my Customers. I also have Branches in Lesotho (Maseru), Botswana (Gaborone) and will establish some in South Africa in the near future.

What advice would you give to prospective/ aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to join your line of work?
I would like to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to source international products, to take courage and know that these products are reliable and genuine. If they need capital, they can approach our local financial institutions and get assistance. Also you should be dedicated, focused, neglect challenges and believe in prayer. What really helps me is that if there is an order I tell God first

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