Did you know the favourite colour of your local stars in the entertainment industry? Well, if not, its green! Just when the world recently celebrated the World Environmental Day, eSwatini just saw a double launch of green living initiatives in the form of KITSI Music Festival and the Green Lifestyle Festival which will be staged on August 31,
2019. The Green lifestyle festival is a non-profit event that has been created to stimulate natural living,
encouraging the community and businesses alike to assume the responsibility of a clean eSwatini by adopting the natural green geographic environment. Minister of Tourism and Environmental Affairs, Moses Vilakati said the nation should work green, play green and live green. Speaking during the launch of the festival the minister said as a
nation, in order to achieve the First World status by 2022, the people of eSwatini should be within the means of environmental solidarity as opposed to separation and environmental degradation. He said His Majesty’ government was very clear about the deliberate intention to build a green economy and a sustainable government dedicated to
promoting social tourism, economic and environmental integrity. “We believe that the holistic approach by these young men and women will reach thousands of Swatis and inspire the youth in green careers. By encouraging green living, we make our Kingdom safer, cleaner, and this promotes a better life for everyone,” he said. The Minister further urged the organizers of the festival to work with companies that will showcase the best and latest green products and services in the market, making ‘green’ practical, viable and accessible to everyone by promoting
sustainability in the everyday life choices and actions. He said the organisers will provide the ultimate
marketplace at the festival for green brands and consumers who want to integrate sustainability into their lives. “More so, I would like to encourage you to strive to be a zero-waste marketplace where consumers can be assured that companies are committed to environmental sustainability,” he said. The minister also encouraged the attendants of the festival and the organizers to make sure that they represent a diverse, sustainable community that is socially and environmentally responsible, who will encourage companies to adopt green principles. He said food vendors that are focused on organic and local foods as part of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle should be supported. On another note, SWAMA President Melusi ‘Zox’ Dlamini said for the festival they will be only working with event suppliers that offer green initiatives. He said the green lifestyle festival will be a plastic free event and it will take place in a venue recognized for its energy efficiency and conservation practices and that will be Legends Backpackers. Dlamini added that Green Lifestyle Festival exhibitors will be screened for their commitment to sustainable business practices and only exhibitors with an established green offering will be given space to showcase at the event. “Attendees will be encouraged to cycle, walk, carpool or take public transport to
the event. We have already secured through our partners some really interesting support systems for those who will make an effort to partake of the event,” he said.

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