Govt aims to improve business ranking
Prime Minister Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini

Govt aims to improve business ranking

In the face of unflattering business rankings by the World Bank, the government has sprung into action to improve Eswatini’s business environment. According to the World Bank’s Doing Business Report for 2019, Eswatini is regressing in the rankings from 108 in 2015 to 112 in 2018 and further sliding to 117 in the 2019 report. The Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini has said there are specific actions that would be taken to change the rankings. These include but not limited to the appointment of a commercial bench and the drafting of bench rules; establishment of
small claims courts and legislative framework to limit adjournments. Speaking during the official opening of the first Ease of Doing Business Workshop for 2019 at Happy Valley, Dlamini said the establishment of one-stop shop entity will fast-track starting a business. He said a comprehensive legislative review to identify, modernize
and align with international best practices by drafting changes to some pieces of legislation that present impediments to the on ease of doing business was imperative. “We call upon our development partners to help us drive this program forward,” Dlamini said. The worsening of the rankings is attributable to failure to implement
new reforms, whilst the rest of Africa has been aggressively pushing the business transformation agenda such that if one country does not present new reforms, it slides backwards in rankings, even though the steps, procedures
and cost of doing have not practically increased or worsened in that particular economy. The Prime Minister further said it was imperative that the Eswatini government designs and implements a very robust work plan to keep the momentum in order to improve and maintain better rankings over time, thus improving the country’s competitiveness.
The World Bank Doing Business plays a very crucial and integral role in the assessment and allocation of points and rankings under this system. The government of Eswatini has prioritized the following: enforcing contracts, which ranks 172; electricity ranking 163; starting a business ranking 159; dealing with construction permits ranking 107;
and registering property ranking 107 out of the 190 countries. Dlamini said the country could change the rankings if it concentrated its efforts on these areas.

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