The newest hotel in the Kingdom of Eswatini, Hilton Garden Inn in Mbabane has proven to set the pace in terms of ploughing back to communities. Besides positioning itself as the grandest in the Kingdom the hotel reaches out and changes lives especially the less privileged. Qedusizi Primary School at Sidwashini outside Mbabane is one
school that is lucky to be adopted by the hotel and once in a while the hotel comes to the school on a feeding
scheme and cleaning campaign. They bring food to the school and feed the over 400 pupils. They go on to clean the premises, sweeping the yard, mowing the lawn and picking litter. The next project will be to repaint the school.
Waste management has become convenient and a revenue generation for Qedusizi due to the hotel’s donation
of dumping bins whose waste will be recycled. Recycling can be a big business, once asserted the Minister of Tourism and Environmental Affairs, Moses Vilakati, and that people needed to come up to the realization. Besides
what Qedusizi Primary School gets from government as subvention, will generate her own income which she will put in her coffers, through the recycling of waste which will be collected around the school and taken to recycling centers. The hotel recently donated four dustbins to the school for specific use. There is a paper only bin, bottle
only bin, can only bin and plastic only bin, all which will be recycled and generate income. The hotel’s General Manager, Christine Ndlovu said the hotel finds great delight from reaching out and helping, which has become the
culture of the 100 year old global empire. The empire boasts over 5000 hotels worldwide with membership reaching 11.7 million people and cooperatives. Headmistress for the school, Phindile Ndlangamandla expressed her gratitude to the hotel saying the work of the teachers will be made much easier with the hotel’s adoption of the school. She said the children always find motivation with the hotel’s visit to the school, which they have done for over a period of a year. “As the administration we see that the children are more confident with themselves and their contribution in class has changed,” said the headmistress, adding that by extension parents are the beneficiaries. Ndlangamandla said such moves as the hotel’s come to benefit everyone in the end including the country. With a motivated generation the country can rise to higher levels in all sectors, said Ndlangamandla.

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