HMCS Assistant Communications Officer Mandla Sibiya


MANZINI– The impartation of market-oriented skills to offenders is very essential in the building of human capacity and thus, enhances economic growth. During this year’s edition of the Eswatini International Trade Fair (EITF) Assistant Communications Officer Mandla Sibiya at His Majesty’s Correctional Services said
the cost saving projects make a major role in generating the country economy. He also noted that this exposes offenders to various job-related environments thus linking them with traders at the same time, saves costs
for government. “For the past 50 years, offenders have been imparted with skills through various Correctional centers where they are able to establish enterprises that will promote trade, thus contributing towards economic
growth”, he added. Offenders receive vocational skills in fields such as, Plumbing, Hair Dressing, Confectionery, Tailoring, Agriculture, Mass Production Printing and Publishing and binding of stationery. After the training, they are then taken to Swaziland College of Technology (SCOT) grade testing. “They internally produce products
like mealie-meal, meat and milk, bread, uniform and vegetables, which are then utilized by all HMCS
centres in their daily operations, saving government in high procurement costs,” he revealed. The Vocational Skills Training programe plays a significant role in the sustenance of ex-offenders’ lives and increases opportunities for
employment while also giving them an edge in establishing their own income generating projects. Furthermore, offenders are also trained in building and maintenance. Sibiya explained that the improvement of offenders’ skills set not only reduces crime in the community, but also empowers the young men and women with the necessary skills to
earn a living. According to Sibiya, offenders have carried out construction and maintenance work for the department. They have extended services in construction of structure for the needy as part of the department’s
corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme.

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