Minister Moses announces plans to fight climate change
Minister of Tourism Moses Vilakati

Minister Moses announces plans to fight climate change

The ministry of Tourism and Environmental Affairs is positioning itself to help the kingdom fight climate change. Speaking during the launch of the Green Climate Fund Readiness Programme at the Royal Villas, Minister Moses Vilakati said the country had formulated the necessary policy framework for the implementation of climate change initiatives. These include the National Climate Change Policy and the National Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan. “We are currently formulating the National Climate Change Bill. With such legislative framework, the country has a very good basis for implementation of both adaptation and mitigation initiatives,” said Vilakati. He expressed hope that the nation would get a fair share of global climate finance from the Green Climate Fund and other funding initiatives. Recently, Eswatini has been hit volatile climate change, resulting in the disruption of water systems, food systems, public health, and agricultural livelihoods. Climate change has seen the country being subjected to drought, changes in the incidence and prevalence of vector-borne diseases, changes in the ranges and yields of food and non-food crops, and more frequent occurrence of extreme climate-driven bio-economic
events. Vilakati also said such projected changes have exacerbated already high levels of food and water insecurity, poverty, and poor health, and have undermined the country’s economic development. All stakeholders,
including development partners, civil society, business and academia were invited to take part in the implementation of the NDC and help the country achieve its contribution under the Paris Agreement. Vilakati said effective climate change implementation would require collaboration, partnerships, and information exchange as each
of these was integral to tackling climate change and achieving sustainable development. “By working together, we can achieve our shared vision to be a first world country by 2022, and we can achieve our shared sustainable development objectives to end poverty, end hunger, and ensure a life of dignity and opportunity for all,” he said.
He said there was a need to put more concerted efforts in ensuring that climate change considerations were integrated into policy-making, budgeting and overall decision-making processes at national and sector levels. The launch provided an opportunity for the country to self-introspect and collectively find solutions on how it can enhance its ambitions towards the nationally determined contributions under the Paris Agreement and foster a way
towards achieving Eswatini’s goals as set out in the National Climate Change Policy to transition to a low-carbon and climate resilient economy.

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