Minister of Tourism Moses Vilakati


The Miss Tourism eSwatini pageant is not only aimed at promoting tourism within the Kingdom of eSwatini through collaborative efforts of diverse stakeholder-ship drawn from government, but is also aimed to attract trade and investment through tourism. The beauty pageant will have to market the Kingdom locally and abroad in order to attract more investors into the country. Miss Tourism eSwatini is an initiative of the Imbali Foundation, a brainchild of Her Royal Highness Princess Sikhanyiso. The Minister of Tourism and Environmental Affairs Moses
Vilakati said Her Royal Highness Inkhosatana Sikhanyiso as the patron of Miss Tourism eSwatini in promoting and improving the lives of the girl child by equipping her with the necessary tools to learn, succeed and contribute to the country’s growth and development. Vilakati was speaking during the Miss Tourism eSwatini launch 2019 held at Hilton Garden Inn recently. It is the third edition of the Miss Tourism eSwatini pageant which was initiated six years ago. As highlighted in the Government’s Road Map 2018- 2023, tourism has been recognized amongst the five pillars in Eswatini that can transform the country’s economy. “As a Ministry we applaud any innovative initiatives that support tourism and contribute towards our goal of being amongst the top three tourism attraction nations in
Africa by 2025,” he said. The Collaboration between Miss Tourism eSwatini 2019 and the ministry will focus on promoting domestic and international tourism through various projects and events in eSwatini and abroad. Vilakati appreciated the good work that Imbali Foundation is doing in nurturing the girl child up to a fully grown adult.
“The instilling of discipline and the infusion of culture and positive contemporary norms are the strong pillars
influencing responsible female adult behavioral attitude,” he added. The minister further stated that his
ministry is ready to give support in any way that they can. ”We urge all stakeholders and corporates to support
the cause both through financial means as well as assisting to provide the girl child with a better future by
ensuring she receives quality tertiary education through sponsorships,” he said. The Miss Tourism platform is an opportunity to do it one girl child at a time by prioritizing her needs which will ultimately result in the
betterment of the whole Nation. The winner will engage in charity projects to highlight the importance of tourism in the country of which the Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Affairs fully supports as it assists in the drive of tourism marketing, in particular, domestic tourism. “The nation will note that time and again, we implore the citizenry to consider engaging in domestic before visiting the foreign countries, “said Vilakati. He added, “In that way, the locals become ambassadors of the country as they are able to promote their own country wherever
they travel outside Eswatini. Likewise, our Miss Tourism Eswatini should be no exception to that”. The next Miss Tourism will also have the opportunity to compete with similar winners from other countries, hence it is important that Miss Tourism Eswatini is not only well enlightened about the history and economic status of the but also about the tourism products in the country and why tourists should continue to visit this beautiful Kingdom. Moreover, Vilakati applauded the Her Royal Highness Princess Sikhanyiso who is also the Minister of Information and Communication Technology Sikhanyiso for her active role in leading the Imbali Foundation and also being the brains
behind the hosting of the Miss Tourism Eswatini pageant.

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