MTN eSwatini has once again proven to be a true friend of sport in the country having pumped in a E320 000 sponsorship to the eSwatini National Basketball League (ENBL). MTN Chief Marketing Officer Sylvia Otuo-Acheampong said the sponsorship will increase by E20 000 from last season’s package. “I am happy to announce that we will increase this year’s package y E20 000 from last year’s, getting it to E320 000” she said. Speaking during the presentation, Otuo-Acheampong said she was hoping to see the partnership growing to great heights and that the
basketball association will continue with its good work of developing the sport. ENBL President Nhlanhla Maphanga thanked MTN for the continued support towards developing the sport in the country. Maphanga said it was through such sponsorships that the ENBL will for the first time hold school’s national champions. He said all schools from
all corners of the country, whether private or government owned, were eligible to enter for the competitions
as part of the associations effort to get more youngsters involved in the sport. Minister of Sports, Culture and
Youth Affairs Harries “Madze” Bulunga thanked MTN for their continued support in the different sporting codes. “We know and we have seen MTN’s role in the development of other sporting codes in the country including football and cycling amongst others,” said Bulunga. Bulunga pointed out that it was such partnerships that the country will be able to professionalize sports so that emaSwati can make a living out of it while also contributing back to the economy. Bulunga then challenged MTN by saying that he was hoping that the company will one day grow the basketball
league sponsorship to match that of E18 million which has been given to football. The minister also noted with appreciation the other things the sponsorship has come up with, like the Elite Men’s League which over the years
was concentrated in the Manzini region, but had now spread towards Mbabane as means of popularizing the sport. In conclusion the Minister shared words of wisdom with the association saying if they use the sponsorship for what it is intended for, there will be no way it will not be extended the following season. Bulunga said the association was also welcome to partner with the Sports and Recreational Council in their Shukuma programs around the
country as means of spreading the message about the sport since he had noted with great concern that the sport’s popularity remained low in many rural areas around the country.

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