Ontime Business Networking is a private company which has been registered in 2017. The company was founded by Mr Machawe Gift Gama who owns 100% of it. Ontime has discovered that most companies find it difficult to market themselves since the advertising prices are exorbitant. On the other hand the public/customers are restricted to other business information especially those who do not have money to buy the newspaper hence that is why the newspaper will be very cheap. The main objective of this media house is to publish a Business Newspaper together with a business Magazine which will focus on advertising and unlocking business opportunities.

This is a new business newspaper and magazine which will focus on advertising and unlocking business opportunities. Ontime Business Networking is an umbrella for Ontime Investments Pty Ltd which supplies, Photocopying Machines, Toners, Typek, Alpine chairs etc. Mainly this publication will focus on all kinds of businesses and to people who are willing to start a business of any kind. The newspaper will focus on advertising and publishing business news and opportunities only. It will be produced once a week for the first few years, but as time goes on it will be produced on daily basis. We will be advertising for Companies, Government, Organizations, Individuals and more at a very cheap and affordable price.

The company is located at Sigwaca House (Football Association) Office #:9, Mbabane Swaziland

Mr Machawe Gift Gama

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