• To be recognized as the country’s leading and most trusted media network.
  • Being the bridge between small and big businesses.
  • Networking businesses in the global market.


  • To inform the public on anything and everything that has to do with business.
  • Advertise and Promote Local Businesses.
  • To gather the largest and most dedicated audience with our newspaper.
  • Enable our clients to effectively advance their businesses and strategies.
  • To accomplish with excellence in the way we conduct our business.


  • Proudly Swazi.
  • Reward Employees and Promote Teamwork.
  • Provide Quality Products and Services.
  • Focus on building relationships with our clients and meeting their needs.
  • Honesty and Fairness.
  • Social responsibility.


  • Provide secure employment to Swazi citizens.
  • Provide secure future for the Management and Staff.
  • Capture a realistic percentage share of the market by becoming a reliable media house.
  • At all times conduct our business with integrity.
    Our target market are Small and Medium scale businesses (SMEs) like: Public Transport, Government, Long distance tours, Logistics, Driving Schools, Motels, Lodge, Stationeries, Hardwares, Shops, Motoring, Car Washes, Private Schools, Car Rentals, Vacancies, Churches, Motor Spares, Property Agencies, Catering, Cash Loans Companies, Individuals etc

    Service and price will allow us to differentiate ourselves from the competition. We are geared to dominate the independent market, thus becoming an important player in the industry. As a small company we are still to gain a realizable share of the market.

    Our fees are determined by the size of the page the clients want.


    The Magazine
    This Magazine will have contact details as well as business for our clients. We will distribute the Magazine to the Public free of charge yearly. In case of emergency our clients will contact us through our toll free number.

    This newspaper will focus on advertising and publishing business news and opportunities only. It will be produced once a week for the first few years, but as time goes on it will be produced on daily basis. We will be advertising for Companies, Government, Organization, Individuals and more at a very cheap and affordable price.

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