Epilepsy Yellow Golf Day launched

NKONYENI– TheSwaziland Epilepsy
Organization has successfully launched the annual golf day at Nkonyeni by the organization’s Patron Prince Bandzile. The epilepsy golf day is celebrated every year and it is through such events the epilepsy organization is
sensitizing the nation about epilepsy and trying to eliminate the stigma around that. HRH Prince Bandzile emphasized on the importance of supporting the those who are living with epilepsy in the kingdom.

The Patron urged Emaswati to make sure that those who are living with epilepsy were well taken care of from household level to community level and up to the work places. In addition, Prince Bandzile passed his sincere gratitude to companies
that partnered with the organization saying their corporation will not go unnoticed as their support to the organization go a long way in helping those who are affected by epilepsy. Some of the companies that are partnering
with the Swaziland Epilepsy Organization are Lidwala Insurance, Swazi Mobile, First Finance, to mention only but a few. Furthermore, he urged other companies to come on board and support SEO in its endeavors which will help ensure that those who are living with epilepsy get the necessary support they deserve. “We would like to assure the nation and other relevant stakeholders that this year’s tournament will be a great success. All participants are expected to deliver during the tournament and we are expecting to see a very competitive tournament. The Prince continued to urge parents to allow their children to come and play golf as they will get the chance to sharpen their talents in the sport. “It will be of great pleasure to see the participation of youngsters in the tournament because most of the times the young ones are left behind when it comes to such events,” he said. The patron’s words were echoed by Swaziland Epilepsy Organization’s National Director Mbusomuni Mahlalela who in his speech asked companies and captains of industry to teach about epilepsy in work places which can help in eradicating the sporadic effects that come with the stigma. “It is hard for some people to declare or to disclose that they are living with epilepsy and that is why it is sometimes hard for them to get the necessary support they need. So we hope through such events such as the Epilepsy Golf Day people will have the guts and confidence to deal with the stigma.

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