Textile workers give away the little they have


Swaziland Epilepsy Organization (SEO) National Director Mbuso Mahlalela handing over th efood
donated by textile workers to the children

MBABANE-Textile workers from Matsapha showed their selflessness. As minimum wage earners are normally least expected to donate, workers changing that perception and recently showed their philanthropic side.
Proving that charity does indeed begin at home, the workers who formed a church and fellowship together during their lunch hour, donated food to children living with epilepsy. They preferred not to disclose the name of the church. Handing over the donation, Swaziland Epilepsy Organization (SEO) National Director Mbuso Mahlalela
noted that these women are remarkable people. “This group of women have a great job especially since we know
that textile workers are low- paid,” he said. The beneficiaries of the food are 8-year-old Anele Msangane from
Ludzeludze and 22-year-old Ndunduzo Lukhele from Mncitsini. Mahlalela further urged Emaswati to emulate the spirit of the textile workers by coming to the aid of people living with epilepsy. He stated that the organisation
strives to promote public and professional education about epilepsy and disability thereby raising awareness
and militating against stigma and discrimination. In carrying out this mandate, the organization seeks to identify the needs and challenges of people living with epilepsy and affected by the condition. “We are the voice of people living with epilepsy and we are very pleased that society is starting to listen to our voice,” he further said.
He explained that their objective is to develop strategies of addressing such needs by advocating for improved services, lobbying for the rights of people with epilepsy in the work place as well as lobby for a National Policy for people with epilepsy. According to Mahlalela, it is their responsibility to tackle issues of people living with epilepsy and the organization mainly depends on a government subvention, which he admitted is inadequate to undertake all the activities in the organization’s action plan. On another note, the organization is involved in agri-business, poultry, dairy and goats rearing projects which it intends to upscale in the long-term. He also revealed that they intend to continue to use fundraising strategies as means of mobilizing resources. “The organization will continue to solicit new or potential donors both locally and internationally in its drive
to secure resources,” he added. Furthermore, Mahlalela announced that the Yellow Golf tournament has been postponed due to the ongoing elections. He appealed to future members of parliament (MPs) to look into improving the lives of people living with epilepsy.

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