Fountain of Life Centre for Independent Living’ Joyce Nunn


People living with disability have made a contribution towards the country’s vision of attaining first world status by the year 2022, by launching an organization called ‘Fountain of Life Centre for Independent Living’, which seeks to safeguard and signify the value of those living with disability in the communities. The Non-Governmental Organization was launched at a time when the country is trying all it can to cater for all the different societal classes to bridge the already existing gap in both the social and economic strata. This emanates from Article 19 of the Convention on the Rights of Disabled Persons which speaks about independent living, stressing the core rights of disabled people including choice of residence, choice of company, education, information, communication,
employment opportunities and equality in society. Joyce Nunn, one of the founders of the organization said the newly launched association will mainly look at services provided by people living with disability which will include arts and other products. Such projects will ensure a decent standard of living for the disabled. “We also look at peer counselling where we will train counsellors on advising the disabled,’’ said Nunn. She said in most cases people with disabilities find it hard to accept their state and they suffer feelings of rejection either
at social or economic settings. Nunn who also lives with disability and has been to Japan where she attended
workshops on how to live with disability added that disabled people are gifted with a diversity of skills such as sewing, chilli processing, fence making, cleaning chemicals, shoe making and weaving to mention only but a few. For that reason the disabled should be treated as valuable assets in the society and at workplaces, she said. She added that the organization will work hand in hand with other structures that support disabled people in the Kingdom to ensure that disability rights are recognized at all levels in society. On another note, Nunn said that there
will be an annual art festival which will be themed ‘Support my Disability.’ The art festival will be aimed at supporting the talents of those living with disabilities, she said, imploring the nation, government, other NGOs as well as the private sector to lend a hand towards the initiative. At the festivals there will be exhibitions where
the disabled will get the chance to exhibit their products. Nunn concluded by urging people living with disability to shun the tendency to beg, saying they were more than capable to do something to earn their own living.

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