SatisJamms founder Satis Khumalo


With the world becoming more obsessed with the consumption of social media content for various purposes, some of Eswatini’s finest brains have come up to tap into the social media space to host a live online music on Facebook
and on YouTube. Satis Khumalo who is the brains behind this project said the idea is to create a platform where one can access music from the kingdom online no matter the demography. “We are planning on shooting two shows per month and that means we are targeting 24 shows during the year,” explained Khumalo. He added that they would be shooting the first show on the 11th of January and the artists who would be on the live show are still to be confirmed. He said they had made all necessary preparations in terms of the equipment that would be needed. Recently SatisJamms
has done a practice shoot where by the show was posted on Facebook and it did very well as it received rave reviews from the audience. The video was uploaded on 28 December 2018 and by 31 December, it was standing at 1300 views, 81 reactions, 18 shares and 32 comments. “This tells us that people have been waiting for such a show brewed locally and we are ready for the challenge this will bring about,” said Khumalo. The show will feature 100% local production. Khumalo announced that on 29 January they would travel to the United States of America where they will be attending a workshop by the New York Academy called Producers’ Craft. This workshop will cover the basics
of film and television production. “The reason we are attending this workshop is that we want to make sure that we deliver up to standard content from the kingdom to the outside world of entertainment. Khumalo further urged local
artists to take part in this project so that they could expose their peculiar and diverse musical styles ranging from all the genres. “We are also inviting the members of the public to partner with us in such an event by watching our show on our Facebook page ‘SatisJamms’,” he concluded.

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