Recently crowned best song writer at the 11th SABC Crown Gospel Music Awards Sbu Banda upon receiving his award


Recently crowned best song writer at the 11th SABC Crown Gospel Music Awards Sbu Banda is yet another gospel artist that has seen the growth in which the local music industry has been growing with especially in gospel music.
The soft spoken south African musician who rose to fame in 2012 after the release of his hit single ‘Ungalahli Ithemba” says he is astonished at the manner in which the locals supports their own and still open hands to them
hence he is content that we will be seeing more of him come 2019 and even has breath taking projects which he is working on that will be collaborated with local artist. Banda says the demand that came with the 2012 hit single
saw him record a full album 2013 which was nominated a won in different places including best newcomer by crown gospel awards, best live album by Munghana Lonene FM awards, best live recorded album at the ingoma awards and best southern Africa artist at the extreme gospel awards in Kenya in 2014 and 2015. Almost all his albums have got recognition because even in 2016 when he recorded his second album it was able to break even and again was nominated in different categories under the crown gospel awards where it eventually won best engineered album. Sbu feels that the music industry is very demanding and keeps on interchanging and for him he has eyes for good collaborations which is why he has done collaborations with the legendary Benjamin Dube and will be working on one
with the country’s very best of Africa Nduduzo Matse very soon. Currently he has released another hit single
called ‘Kuyokusiza ngani’ which has been aired in different radio and television stations all over south Africa and also earned him the best song writer award at the crown gospel awards. Worth noting is that Sbu has relatives in
the country at Siteki in the lubombo region where he says he used to come and spend his Christmas. Childhood background I hail from Mkhuhlu township in Mpumalanga South Africa where I am a second born in a
family of 2. My parents were brought together by their love for music with my father always telling us that he meet our mother at church choir where he was the music director and keyboard player and she was the lead singer.
How music found you My parents realised that I had no interest in joining other kids when they play but was
always locked in my father’s cardboard where his keyboard was and my father natured this gift and taught me how to play the keyboard. I would say the journey became exciting, at the age of 10 I was already taking wedding and party gigs. As I grew up we formed a gospel group called Gods Lips with my elder brother and some of our friends where we ended up recording an album (cassette) which was sold at our church, conferences and we would get invites to come perform in many places. We were still at school hence after matric we all went our separate ways but I pursued music at the same time I continued studying and I am qualified as a civil engineer. Personal journey as musician
After completing my studies, I continued with my musical journey, I would say the passion and calling was too much to ignore which is why the first single I released in 2012 created so much demand which gave birth to an album and ever since then God has been so faithful for me because the recognition is beyond my expectations. Winning at the recent crown gospel awards was overwhelming when you are up against the best writers and winning means the is still too much work to be done.

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