Minister of Finance Neal Rijkenberg


Former Speaker and Indvuna of Siphocosini Skakadza Matsebula recently told the Minister of Finance Neal Rijkenberg that sustained economic emancipation for Emaswati lay with addressing the country’s land tenure system in such a way that the people can own the land they live in. He said this way Emaswati would be able to access financial resources to invest in business using the land they own as collateral. Speaking during a function where chiefs and
community leaders gathered to celebrate the recent appointment of Rijkenberg as Minister of Finance, Matsebula expressed appreciation to His Majesty King Mswati III for Rijkenberg’s appointment, whom he described as a man of integrity. “We are grateful for your appointment. Surely, His Majesty got the right man for the Finance ministry,”
Matsebula said. He then appealed to Rijkenberg never to abandon forestry, urging him to continue transforming the industry as he did when pushing for the Forestry Act. He went on to request Rijkenberg to engage his colleagues about the enactment of the Land Act. He said the Land Act would be pivotal in turning the economic fortunes of the
man on the street around. Matsebula concluded his comments by appealing to the minister to treat all sectors of development equally. Meanwhile, William Mangwe of kaLuhleko empathised with the minister for the tough assignment ahead of him. “Your new job will make you rest no more,” he said, also adding: “The king saw something special in
you and found you worthy to lead such an important ministry. When we talk of a weak economy, we are talking about your ministry,” he said. Mangwe also stated that the weak economy meant that the ministry lacked controls and challenged the minister to make sure funds were saved to grow the economy. “Go and make sure corruption ends. Madibha Dlamini, who has been working in the plantation for 31 years, from the days of Usutu Pulp Company, said he
believed God would lead the minister. He urged that meetings where the company’s executives engaged the community leaders should continue to foster coexistence and cohesion.

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