Woman sports day
SOGCA Vice President Pearl Dlamini (Second left) with her team.

Woman sports day

Mbabane– The first ever woman sports day aimed at collecting sanitary pads for charity was hosted at Prince of Wales sports ground recently. Woman participation especially in sports still seems to be a struggle in most cases thus the need to make this day, which was sorely dedicated to woman. SOGCA Vice President Pearl Dlamini who is also President of Swaziland Boxing Association said this. “We are very grateful to SOGCA, Sports Council and
Mbabane Municipality to have made this day possible because as woman in the country we have never had such an opportunity to have such a day be dedicated to us and it is our wish that this day be recognised annually.
The number of woman in male dominated sports is very small regardless of having the law that says woman should at least have 30% representation in associations but most of them are still failing to abide by that rule.”
Furthermore she went said that woman do have a role to play and they should not be afraid of even taking leadership positions in sports and this would even increase the number of girls participation in sports because they bring love and care. In conclusion, she said it was her wish that in the near future a woman sports commission enquiry should be formed in order to look into the challenges faced by women who are in sports, and would be the shield to
protect the girls when they come across problems while they in sports. Panga Vunga a sports person also felt that there was a need to increase the number of women participation in sports. Vunga mentioned that women could be very competitive too thus supporting them will encourage them to get involved especially in the male dominated sports.

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